IntisTele services

Advanced SMS platform

This software is an excellent solution for SMS aggregators to help optimize costs and improve service quality. We also provide comprehensive consulting services.


  • High scalability. Up to 10 thousand messages per second and up to 1 billion per month.
  • Adjustable traffic routing. Fine-tuning routes depending on the restrictions and delivery speed.
  • Accurate cost analysis. The best price for any level of quality and delivery speed.
  • Smart built-in billing. A special program will send you notifications about changes in traffic prices and exchange rates.

Benefits of our SMS gateway:

  • You can quickly and easily create bulk mailings over the Internet. Everything is very intuitive: register your personal account on the site, upload contacts of current or potential customers, set a task and you can start.
  • You can also connect any software to the gateway that will automatically send SMS messages directly from your website, online store or service.
  • To attract additional customers, we will be able to provide our base of numbers, which is already divided into segments (region, operator)
  • In just a couple of minutes you can launch a full-fledged SMS-sending through your personal account, notifying your customers about promotions and special offers. You can automate sending through your website, application or CRM system.


You can choose almost any region of the world!

  • 3Mob - $ 0.0918
  • INTERTELECOM CDMA - $ 0.0635
  • KYIVSTAR - $ 0.0724
  • LIFECELL - $ 0.0635
  • PEOPLENET CDMA - $ 0.0635
  • PHOENIX - $ 0.0702
  • VODAFONE - $ 0.0699

We are a leader in the ratings for providing stable and high-quality SMS messaging service. Payment in euros, dollars or pounds sterling. We provide several options for funding your account: Skrill, PayPal and credit cards. Special offers for those who prefer electronic transfers!

Why does your business need SMS messaging?

any phone that contains a SIM card. There are special filters in mail services that can automatically place your notification in the *spam* folder. You can be completely confident that your message will be delivered to the user.
  • This is a great way to quickly inform a current or potential client. SMS to the phone come much less often than notifications from mail or social networks, so the probability of reading your notification is quite high.
  • In social networks and messengers, you can block the addressee or complain about him for the newsletter. SMS can be sent to
  • It's easy. You just need to register on the site, upload customer contacts and start sending messages. We tried to make everything as convenient and intuitive as possible.