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Advanced SMS platform This software is an excellent solution for SMS aggregators to help optimize costs and improve service quality. We also provide comprehensive consulting services. Advantages: High scalability. Up to 10 thousand messages per second and up to 1 billion per month. Adjustable traffic routing. Fine-tuning routes depending on the restrictions and delivery speed. Accurate cost... More
Reddit is one of the most active social communities in the world with approximately 200 millionunique users and 8 billion monthly page views.Let’s understand the terminologyReddit, like many other social platforms, has its terminology, namely:● Upvote/Downvote - basically, it is + or - in the voting system inside Reddit.● Frontpage - the homepage that contains the most trending posts and topics.... More
  What is common between a teenager, a young mother, an old lady, boss of the international company? They all send SMS every day. This service is helping people to deliver various kinds of information quickly.      The modern generation is eager to save as much time as they can. They need to work, study and have free time. That is why texting messages are perfect alternatives to simple phone... More