Reddit as a platform for promotion

Reddit is one of the most active social communities in the world with approximately 200 million
unique users and 8 billion monthly page views.
Let’s understand the terminology
Reddit, like many other social platforms, has its terminology, namely:
● Upvote/Downvote - basically, it is + or - in the voting system inside Reddit.
● Frontpage - the homepage that contains the most trending posts and topics.
Unregistered users on this page can see various types of information, and registered
users can see special selected posts according to their preferences and interests.
● Default subreddit - a set of various popular subreddits displayed on the home page for
unregistered users or those users who are not authorized.
● Subreddit - a section on one topic, where people with similar hobbies/preferences gather
to share useful new topics, news, and their opinion. It looks like a thematic community
inside a bigger community. Each subreddit has its own rules and its moderator. Usually,
such platforms allow all registered users to leave comments without additional
verification and subscription to the section.
● Sidebar - a side menu that contains information about each subreddit, namely:
frequently asked questions, rules, useful links, contacts of moderators, etc.
● AMA - stands for “ask me anything.” The so-called open-ended interview on Reddit. Any
user can be a specialist in some subjects. They write brief information about themselves,
what interesting information they can share, and what is their specialty. After that, an
interview opens, where everyone can ask a question of interest to a specialist.
● Karma - a point system for users, which is used on Reddit. Points can be gained for
each “upvote” on your post and in the same way, can be removed for every “downvote.”
Such a system allows to determine the credibility in a system, the more karma points
one has, the more authority they have in discussions.
You can find the full list of terminology here, also do not forget to read the terms of using the
Reddit resource.
Promotion Tips
There are many different tricks one can use to get a promotion on Reddit. Someone uses all
existing methods, some use only a few of them, and others develop their own “special”
systems. Today we will focus on basic tips, such as:
● For effective marketing, you will need a network of accounts with a high level of
comment karma that exist for 1+ month. Such accounts can be obtained by making
hundreds of trending comments. This method can be time-consuming, therefore, it
makes sense to buy already prepared accounts if you do not have much time and
in-depth understanding of what comments are in demand on Reddit. From my own
experience, I can say that the accounts that we bought on these services work well:, For accounts, it is necessary to use
exceptionally good private proxies, we used these
● Install the extension for Google Chrome Reddit Enhancement Suite. This extension will
help you optimize your location on the resource, from switching between accounts in a
couple of seconds to viewing the necessary images.
● Be the first one to boost a few dozens of votes to your posts in an hour. This will get your
posts higher on the main page of the subreddits in the hot section, where a large
percentage of the participants of the subreddit can see them, and if they like the post it
will be at the top list for a long time. A couple of dozen votes is needed so that your post
would not stay unseen. Boost the votes by using your network of accounts or buying
them from proven services:,, Telegram:
● Use small sections, not large subreddits. There is a higher probability that on a smaller
subreddit you will get more karma, than if you leave another comment along with a
thousand other people in a larger section.
● Delete bad posts. If your post has scored a lot of downvotes, then just delete it. No one
will notice this, but your negative post may be noticed by many.
● Use the AMA section if you are confident in your abilities. If you consider yourself a good
specialist, why not use the interview opportunity? It will allow you to get karma, as well
as light up in front of the right audience.
● Do not put a bunch of links in the comments. When boosting your karma you should not
immediately post advertising comments with many links. Post thematic comments with
the same thematic link. It is better to post only one link for every 2-3 comments, but it will
bring you more benefits, than 10 links in each answer. At least you will not be banned.
● Follow the rules. Every subreddit has its own rules that are posted on the side menu.
Do not break them, otherwise, you will get a ban.
Here are some simple tips to help you quickly understand the Reddit system and get maximum
profit from advancing on it. Do not forget that Reddit is suitable best for recognizability and
authority of your resource and to a lesser extent for link promotion